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How to install Chinese language support on windows 7

Posted March 2, 2011 in

Displaying Chinese characters

Unlike older versions of windows (XP and below), Windows 7 (and vista) already have language support built-in. This should be supported in all major browsers. If you do see strange characters instead of mandarin, make sure your encoding is set to “utf-8″, which includes both simplified and traditional.

within IE8+ go to page->encoding

Adding Chinese Input methods (IME)

Chinese input methods will allow you to use Pinyin or Zhuyin for typing Chinese characters. It also supports Traditional or simplified character sets.

Step 1:

Go to start->control panel and then click on "change keyboards and other methods"

Step 2:

Click "change keyboards..." and then "add". You should then see a list of chinese input types.

I prefer the “Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input St” under “Chinese simplified PRC”. This input type has fuzzy logic built-in which will show you a list of possible characters when you type in the pinyin and the tone number. It also supports both Traditional and Simplified characters.

Taiwan update

Microsoft also recently released a Taiwan IME update for windows 7 and Vista, which includes full traditional character support. It can be found here

我叫Justin. 我很喜歡中國的文化和語言。


  1. Hi Guys, I registered just a few minutes ago and I would love to help test your system. I would consider myself between beginner and intermediate. I could spend about two hours a day using your system and would be generous during my feedback responses.

  2. I have been search install Chinese as additional language but they all seems complicated and did not apply my laptop with windows 7 home premium.

    Luckily I found Mandarinflash which is very useful and Chinese language has been installed on my computer now I can type Chinese. How cool is that! :-)

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